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Shipping & Returns

Are you sure of your order within 4-6 days after payment and the list of items, to later distribute. Check out the full shipping information. All subscriptions have been direct offers free delivery. However, the Commission will apply to customers who choose to pay for shipment, payment thereof. A factory in town, apart from the international order, will apply to international shipping.

Return and Exchange Return
The main purpose of our client is necessary to ensure a high level. We are completely than you can buy products directly from purchase and the problem is not satisfied with the rate of exchange rate policy only 2 days offers you. We have a wide range of products, e-mail or phone to be used by the note, you must designate a delivery two days.

You are the wrong size order you can produce not interested, we will provide you with a stock market size that will be used to provide the expected and replacement of the product, in this case, the customer delivered goods we will be your email Through data exchange, helping us to know is recommended. takes responsibility for Palo transport.

But we, if a defect or failure in the production of parts, you can order, we are your bank account to the highest quality standards to maintain will return. In addition, punch it must be two days via email. If delivered for the sake of the message only, it must be distributed within two days.

In addition, the product under any circumstances, the original packaging (barcode, label, etc.) Please note that storage was under the back to ensure. Or changes, you will not be able to contaminate.

We wish to provide when you buy customer, your full satisfaction is our primary business risk. We offer you the best products and services every time to buy, you want to be happy.

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